She Eats Cane Rosso

When it comes to eating amazing pizza in Dallas, few places compare to Cane Rosso.  Born in the heart of Deep Ellum, Cane Rosso serves the most authentic Neapolitan style pizzas in Texas.  They use wood-fired ovens and cook their pizzas in less than 90 seconds at a scorching 900 degrees.  They invited us to give their unique pizza’s a try, and we were delighted to venture on over.

To get started, they brought us a pair of cocktails, the Frozen Limocello and the Mellow Mule.  The Frozen Limocello was an aylesbury duck vodka frozen cocktail with lemon zest, orange blossom, and accented with mint.  A cold, minty blast of citrus, it was an excellent starter and without the faintest taste of alchohol.  The Mellow Muel was a twist on the classic Moscow Mule.  It had aylesbury duck vodka with raspberry hibiscus syrup and ginger beer.  Hints of raspberry blended well with the ginger, resulting in a great tasting mule.

Once we had our drinks, it was time for some appetizers.  They brought out some Brussels Sprouts, which had pancetta, straciatella, slivered almonds, pecorino Romano, and balsamic reduction.  These were fantastic!  The straciatella cheese and the almonds was something that you don’t see often paired up with Brussels Sprouts, was an excellent combination of ingredients.


We also had the Asparagus Al Prosciutto, which is a prosciutto-wrapped asparagus with a fried egg on top.  The egg is an optional topping you can get.  Fresh greens and cheese complements the asparagus.


Our next round of cocktails were the Cucumber Rickey and the Peach Bellini.  The Cucumber Rickey was a Fords Gin cocktail with cucumber, mint, lime, lavender, and soda.  A great cocktail for the cucumber lover, it was light and refreshing.  The Peach Bellini was another aylesbury duck vodka cocktail, this time with St. Germain elderflower liqueur, peach, and prosecco.  Another light cocktail, this was a great bubbly addition.

Now that our appetizers were gone (literally, we ate all of it!) and we had new drinks, it was time for the real reason we were there:  pizza.  First out was the “off-the-menu” best selling pizza, The Honey Bastard.  This was a white pie, no sauce, with house mozzarella, hot soppressata,  habanor infused honey, and a bacon marmalade.  There’s a reason why this pizza is their best selling pizza.  It’s amazing.  There is this unique mix of sweet and spice, a subtle hint that a wave of heat is going to hit you but never comes.  In stead you’re left with a euphoria of flavors in one amazing Neapolitan pizza.


We also had the Prosciutto E Rucola, which had Prosciutto crude, arugula with lemon dressing, house made mozzarella, shaved parmigiana, and garlic.  A simple pizza, it was like having a wonderful salad on top of an Italian pizza.


For dessert, we had Zeppole, which are made-to-order Italian donuts.  Tossed in powedered sugar, they are served with hot chocolate sauce.  They came out in a bag and were served very warm.  A light, crispy outer shell covering a warm, perfectly baked cake with sugar and hot chocolate dipping sace, what could be better?

Cane Rosso certainly lived up to their reputation as a pizza place that has no equal in Dallas.  Make sure you ask them for their special pizzas that aren’t on the menu, you won’t be disappointed!



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