She Eats Fogo De Chao at Uptown

The newest Fogo De Chao has opened on the ground floor of the highly anticipated One Uptown tower on McKinney Avenue. Fogo De Chao adds a nice touch of Brazilian flair and delicious churrasco to the hip, Uptown neighborhood.

The interior of the new location is as gorgeous and highly designed as you would expect.


The wine selection is expansive.

We love a good craft cocktail, so naturally, we ordered several. Clockwise, we ordered a Passionate Caipirinha , Strawberry Hibiscus Caipirinha, and two Top Shelf Margaritas. All were delicious, but the Passionate Caipirinha was our favorite because we love anything Passion Fruit.

The Market Table at Fogo De Chao Uptown is the most extensive I’ve seen at a Brazilian Steakhouse to date. It was full of everything and anything you could imagine. We loved the chicken salad, beans and rice, and cured meats and cheese.

Now it was time for the meats! All you have to do is flip your card to the Green side, and the meats just keep coming. We didn’t try a single meat we didn’t love. One of our favorites were the Picanha, lightly seasoned with rock salt and thinly sliced. We also really enjoyed the Filet Mignon, Bacon Wrapped Filet and Chicken, and Lamb. You can’t go wrong with any of the meats, but save a little room for dessert because they are fabulous.

We were so full that we had to be persuaded into trying some of the desserts, which is saying a lot if you’ve followed the two of us at all.

First up was the South American Flan. Flan can get a bad reputation because the texture can be a bit too mushy. This flan was quite firm, and the flavors were impeccable. We dined with two guests who highly dislike flan, and they loved this dessert.  If you aren’t a flan fan, give it another shot here.

Next up was the Papaya Cream, Fogo De Chao’s most popular Dessert in both the US and Brazil. This dessert is made by blending fresh papaya with vanilla ice cream and topped with a black currant liqueur. We were told that the enzymes in the Papaya actually aid in the digestion of the food. Whether that is scientifically accurate or not, this dessert was amazing. I was so full I could barely move, and I still found a way to keep nibbling at this one. It was so light and the flavors mixed so well that I couldn’t help myself. Perhaps it’s time to work on my self control?

The last dessert out for our group, but certainly not the least, was the Crème Brulee. It’s a house recipe with vanilla bean custard with a glazed sugar coating. The top was perfectly crisp, and we all thoroughly enjoyed this one.

I highly recommend Fogo De Chao for your next group outing. The atmosphere is fun and interactive, making it a great environment for family, colleagues or even an intimate date night.


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