She Eats Flower Child

It can be challenging as a foodie to find food that is both healthy and delicious. Flower Child uses locally sourced produce, many vegetarian/vegan options, and low gluten or gluten free options, but not at the expense of flavor.

If you’re working on your summer bod but don’t want to compromise on taste, look no further than Flower Child. We were invited in for a sneak peak at the menu for the new location, opening on March 14, located in Inwood Village at 5450 W. Lovers Lane. It was seriously impressive. And by the way, it’s seriously cute in here!

We chose to start our adventure with the Avocado Hummus, made with sweet corn, radish, clementine & pumpkin seed. It’s  light ,and a unique spin on hummus.

We tried the Thai Cashew Quinoa, full of zucchini, snap pea, celery, onion, shiitake mushroom, jalapeño, thai basil, cashew, red quinoa. We chose to add chicken to our bowl. You could also add tofu, steak or salmon. This dish was healthy, but didn’t feel like it at all.

We also tried the “Forbidden” Rice  Bowl. This bowl is a tasty mix black pearl, red japonica, snap pea, bok choy, broccoli, carrot, onion, toasted sesame, red chili, and we chose to add the shaved chicken that was recommended for this bowl. You can sub the chicken for any of the additions listed above. This is a great substitution if you’re craving Asian food, but want to keep it healthy.

We couldn’t leave without trying a few gluten free desserts. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much because  “gluten free dessert” typically tells me it’s not going to be good. I was happily wrong. I looooved the Lemon cupcake and the Bittersweet Brownie was good too (I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but my cohort is).Had we not been told, neither of us would have ever known either dessert was gluten free. That’s a pretty big win for Flower Child.

Summer is around the corner, so Flower Child will be a great go-to for a take out lunch or healthy meal together. Give healthy (and good) a try!




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