She Eats RJ Mexican Cuisine

If you ever find yourself downtown in search of some amazing Mexican food, be sure to check out RJ Mexican Cuisine.  Whether it is their delicious cocktails to satiate your thirst or their authentic, unique dishes, it is one spot you don’t want to miss.

To get things started, we each got a drink.  We got a Blueberry & Basil and a Beer Rita.  The Blueberry & Basil had Dulce Vida Reposado, Patron Citronge, blueberry simple, lemon and lime juice, agave nectar, and fresh basil.  The Beer Rita came with RJ’s house Margarita served with your choice of Coronitas or Dos XX.  Neither drink was overly sweet, which was perfect.  Excellent summer cocktail choices.

Drinks in hand, we got to work on ordering some grub.  We started off with Mejillones A La Marinara, which are black mussels with chorizo, roasted tomato, garlic, fennel, cilantro, Serrano, and bolillo bread.  It didn’t have a strong seafood taste, and the chorizo pairs wonderfully with it.  The roasted tomato sauce has excellent blend of tastes, good enough that it warrants its own visit.  One of my favorite mussel dishes to date.



Moving in to our main courses, we got the Pollo En Mole Con Nopalitos.  A grilled half chicken “sous vide”, smothered with Oaxaca black mole and served with garlic mash potatoes and cactus nopalitos.  A must try for Mole fans and a great example of classic, authentic Mexican.  Chicken was grilled nicely and wasn’t dry at all, and the potatoes were fantastic.


We also had the Enchilada De Espinoza Y Cameron, which had spinach, Spanish onion, garlic, Mexican cheeses, gulf shrimp, and poblano cream.  What was really neat was the pyramid of rice that was served with this.  These enchiladas were fantastic.  We simply couldn’t stop eating them.  Have you ever been at dinner and gorged yourself on food, but couldn’t stop eating a dish because it was simply that good?  That is this dish right here.


After filling ourselves on amazing food, we sat back with a new round of drinks while we tried to make room for a promised dessert.  We got a Senorita, which has Malik Silver, Captain Morgan Coconut, blue curaçao, and sweet and sour.  Also, we had a Borracha Horchata, which has Christian Brothers Brandy, Frangelico, house made Horchata, and a cinnamon stick garnish.  The Senorita was another great mixed drink where you can’t even taste the alcohol.  A smooth coconut rum drink, and another cocktail you could be sitting on the beach with.  The Borracha Horchata was like liquid cinnamon toast crunch.  A fantastic drink that brings up memories of Saturday morning cartoons, a great dessert cocktail.

The dessert came out, and it was an impressive sight, the RJ Sundae. A massive Banana Split with whip cream, banana and strawberry slices, and topped with pecans, all in a crisp shell.  Out of principal we had to eat it, no good dessert can go to waste!

Our overall experience was fantastic.  Great cocktails, great food, both Mexican and seafood, and great staff.  Definitely check out RJ’s if you are in the downtown area!





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