She Eats Mesa

In a city full of TexMex restaurants and “authentic” Mexican cuisine, it takes a lot to truly stand out and establish yourself as authentic.  Despite these hurdles, Mesa, located at 1000 Texan Trail in Grapevine, has proven that they have the secret family recipes to stand out above the competition, bringing original and authentic dishes to DFW.  Mesa opened their second location in Grapevine four months ago, following years of success at their flagship location in Oak Cliff.

Mesa is a family-owned and operated Mexican gem. Chefs Olga and Raul, a husband and wife team, each have a focused specialty. Olga is a Mole goddess, and Raul creates seafood dishes that will have you dying for more. They serve upscale, authentic cuisine from the Veracruz region. The flavors are coastal with Central American influences.

Any good patio meal starts with cocktails. The Tequila Mule puts a fun, Latin spin on your traditional mule. Casa Amigos Blanco, ginger beer, and fresh lime juice make this a tasty and strong flavored cocktail choice.

I love a good spicy margarita, and this one did not disappoint. It comes with Serrano, Habanero, and Jalapeno Chiles infused Sauza Blue with triple sec and lime juice, but my waiter suggested adding a splash of passion fruit juice. The end result was a very spicy, but delicious margarita. I would definitely order this again!

The Jamaica Paloma is a fun patio cocktail with Roca Patron Silver, grapefruit Juice, hibiscus water and club soda. It’s fruity and refreshing.

I’m not a coconut fan, but we were told that the Coconut Caipirinha was delicious so we gave it a shot. It was surprisingly delicious and light, the coconut flavors were not overwhelming, and the cocktail had a great island feel.

We got to sample a variety of appetizers.  All were delicious, but the crème de la crème was the Enmoladas topped Chef Olga’s famous mole. The Enmoladas will be featured on Mesa’s upcoming brunch menu, served with eggs on the side.

We both loved the ceviche. It’s made with fresh shrimp and fish, avocado, pico de gallo and served with homemade chips. It’s very light and fresh, the flavors not overwhelming each other.

The guacamole was a hit too.  You can’t go wrong with some good guac and homemade chips!

We also sampled a variety of entrees. If you are fiending for a great pork dish, look no further than the Cochinita Pibil. The pork is marinated in citrus juice and is served with arugula, bell peppers and onions, and served over black beans and rice.

The seafood at Mesa is all fresh and really shines through in the seafood enchiladas. They’re packed with fresh Pacific lobster, blue crab and shrimp. The tortillas are handmade daily.  The sauce is a delectable pepper cream sauce and served with julienned vegetables, avocado, smoked bacon, and bell pepper rice. It doesn’t hurt that the presentation is absolutely stunning.

We saved the very best for last. While we genuinely enjoyed every dish we tried, the Guiso Del Chef is absolutely incredible. If you love seafood, you will swoon over this dish. Mussels, clams, octopus, scallops and shrimp are served in a white wine and beer sauce with garlic and jasmine rice. The ingredients are fresh and delectable, the buttery sauce mouthwatering, and we would have licked the plate clean if no one was looking!

Even though we were so full we needed to be wheeled out, we made the sacrifice and tried a few desserts. The flan, a type of caramel custard, was fantastic, with great texture and flavors.

We also really enjoyed the Tres Leches cake. Great creamy consistency.  This cake literally melted in your mouth.  Very light but very flavorful and sweet.

Mesa provided for a great upscale Mexican dining experience.  Not only do they have an exquisitely decorated interior for upscale dining, their patio is perfect for those that have that insatiable desire for fresh air while they eat.  Mesa is a place that should be at the top of your to eat restaurants.


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