She Eats Urban South Dine

I know what you’re thinking…. Hotel Restaurant. Noted. BUT, while located in The Westin at Park Central,  Urban South Dine is  anything but a “hotel restaurant”.  House-created craft cocktails, appetizers with flare, entrees with just the right mix of urban and soul, and a little ambiance are a just a few things that make Urban South Dine the next place you should check out.

Let’s start with the cocktails. Wow! All cocktails are thought and created by Master Mixologist Jeff. I was wildly impressed with the CCR, a perfect combo of gin, celery, cilantro, fresh lemon juice and a dash of cracked, black pepper. It sounded interesting, though not particularly my style, but why not? The celery and cilantro are muddled, which really brings out the full flavors for quite the refreshing combo. It was worth being a little daring on my drink choice.

Next up was the Tiki Tiki Tavi. This cocktail had me feeling like I was back on a cruise with Cruzan Light Rum, Goslings Dark Rum, pineapple, fresh lime juice and Tiki bitters. If you are feeling a little blue with winter setting in, grab this cocktail and add some island flair to your evening.

I moved on to the Ruby Basil Martini a bit later in the evening. Full disclosure, if it has Deep Eddy’s Ruby Red in it, I’m probably going to order it. Add lemon, agave simple syrup, basil oil and soda water, and we are really in business.

The appetizer menu has great variety from Spanish Chilis to Salmon Tacos, but the words “Cheese Flight” are nearly impossible for me to pass by. This cheese board had a deliciously pungent Stilton, a Guinness cheese that rocked my world, and manchego, a subtle but delicious favorite. For $12, this is a steal.

I know it’s January and there’s that whole thing about no carbs and be healthy happening, but whatever. I’m eating the carbs. Period. This locally sourced bread basket contained all kinds of yumminess from N.Y. Bagel & Bakery in Plano.

Our first entrée, The Guava Chicken, was beautifully plated and even better tasting. The dish is accompanied by a sweet potato soufflé (that I promptly devoured), grilled asparagus, flax seed and caramelized shallots. Divine.

It’s hard to go wrong with a Rib-Eye, and it was a good choice this evening. This boneless Rib-Eye comes with a wild mushroom demi-glaze (I recommend this one)and/or a Béarnaise Sauce with your choice from a nice list of sides. I loved the roasted Brussels sprouts we chose.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never had a Grits Cake. By this point, I was stuffed to the point of no return, but when the chef says try the grits cake…. you try the grits cake. Let me just tell you one thing, TRY THE GRITS CAKE. It’s to die for. I guess I wasn’t as full as I thought I was.

By this point in the meal, how could I really say no to dessert. I didn’t. This is the Apple Empanada, complete with caramelized granny smith apples and a healthy scoop of Dulce De Leche ice cream. This was the cap on a great evening.

I love Urban South Dine, and you can check out their full menu offering here (hyper links aren’t working?!) They will validate your parking if you come in for drinks or dinner (or better yet both), so head over and don’t forget to tell them SheEatsDallas sent you!


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