She Eats Pollo Tropical 

Three things I love more than (almost anything): The Cowboys, great food, and good company. For the best game day combo at home with your crew, look no further than Pollo Tropical’s catering because who doesn’t want an amazing TropiChop Bowl of yumminess while cheering on your favorite team?

Pollo Tropical is one of my favorite fast casual joints because the Caribbean-Inspired menu is fresh, scratch made, fun, and combines flavors and spices in a way that makes you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. It’s cold out (for a Texan anyway) so treat yourself to a meal with some island flare.


I love the Chicken TropiChop Bowls loaded up with white rice, black beans, onions, corn, and lots of sauce. Pictured above is the delicious curry mustard sauce you won’t be able to stop eating.

While I love to cater fun meals for fun events, I make a point to visit my local Pollo Tropical location in Castle Hills frequently because they have an entire bar of sauce. There are 10 signature sauces on the bar, including the Cilantro Garlic Sauce and the Curry Mustard Sauce, my two personal favorites.

Pollo Tropical is launching a fun new microsite from January 11-31 where you can take the Be Bowl’d personality quiz to determine your very own TropiChop Persona based on how you build your favorite bowl (I’m an #IslandMama)! Check out the link, take the quiz, and you’ll get a $1 coupon to try your creation during your next visit to Pollo Tropical.

Take pictures and post your TropiChop Bowl on social media with the hashtag #BeBowld and you’ll have a chance to win cool prizes like t-shirts or FREE chicken for an entire YEAR!


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