She Eats Sablon Chocolate Lounge

It’s not every day that you get invited to a chocolate lounge.  In fact, I didn’t even know what that was and had to Google it.  Turns out we have a hidden gem in uptown’s West Village by the name of Sablon Chocolate Lounge.  Celebrating its one year anniversary, they invited us to join them for a menu sampling so we could get a taste of their unique menu items.

We started with a choice of coffee, tea, frozen coffee, or hot chocolate.  I opted for a Caramel Macchiato, freshly steamed milk with vanilla, caramel at the bottom, and topped with a dense, creamy foam and a light drizzle of caramel in an artistic pattern.


The Macchiato was the perfect temperature when it came out, and I was able to instantly begin enjoying the delicious beverage.  The caramel on top kept a delectable injection of flavor into each sip.  Some gentle stirring during drinking also helped infuse the drink with the caramel flavoring, and the end result was a refreshing and delicious Caramel Machiatto from start to finish.  The Caramel Machiatto will run you $3.25 for the small, and $4.25 for the large.  Starbucks, in comparison, runs from $3.75 up to $4. 75.

Next on the agenda was a “shot on the bar” called a Blood Orange.  It is a shot of chocolate over top of a blood orange mix with a sugar.  Blood oranges are unique in that they give a more raspberry and citrus taste, creating a more unique flavor to the shot.


The chocolate was warm and delicious without being overwhelming in taste.  As you neared the middle, the orange began seeping into each sip, giving you an explosion of citrus and raspberry flavors as you sipped the chocolate; not to mention the sugar on the rim adding in its own flavor.  It was pretty intense the first time you get to the middle, as the blood orange can be overpowering.  A very unique shot indeed, and a must try for citrus lovers.  The Blood Orange runs $2.95.

Next out were the Frappistas, a Greek foam-covered iced coffee.  We got to try three of the five choices on their “Frappistas” menu:  Hazelnut Frappe, Crunchy Coffee Frappe, and Minty Cookie Frappe.  Each of these monstrosities came out in a mason jar-like glass with a handle.  Thick straws protruded from the tops, ensuring easy consumption of the flavor packed drinks.

These drinks were similar in taste, yet their presentations were all unique and artistic.  Chocolate poured down the sides and was chilled their, making it hard for chocolate lovers to resist licking the sides of their glasses.  The Crunchy Coffee Frappe was topped with a donut, which was also covered in chilled chocolate.  On top of the donuts were mixed chocolate slices and a chocolate drizzle.  The Hazelnut Frappe was topped with whip cream, hazelnut chips, and a chocolate drizzle, simple yet a wonderful complement of flavoring to go with the drink.  Lastly, the Minty Cookie Frappe, which was topped with whip cream, a giant cookie turned sideways in the top, and a chocolate drizzle.  These drinks were delicious, albeit hard to share!  The presentation of the was incredible, each drink a work of art. There are five total to choose from, and each runs you $6.95.

Moving away from the drinks and on to the lunch menu, they brought us out a “Portobello Panini”.  Fresh Portobello mushrooms served with roma tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, mozzarella cheese, and garnished with fresh basil and balsamic vinaigrette.


The Panini is cut into 8 slices and served with chips on the side.  It was a delicious sandwich, with the flavorful peppers and mushrooms working together for a robust taste.  The balsamic, basil, and mozzarella complimented the stronger flavors well.  There are six panini’s on the menu, all under $8.00.

They must have noticed how ravenous we were, because next out the door were the fondues.  We got to try two different kinds, the Pesto Fondue and the Pizza & Dips Fondue. There are 14 different sides you can choose to go with your fondue, and you get to choose four.  They range from cheese or bread sticks to grilled chicken breast, sautéed broccoli, and herbed potatoes.  The Pesto Fondue was an aged cheddar melted with homemade basil paste and topped with fresh oregano and basil leaves.  The Pizza & Dips Fondue was a zesty pizza sauce, blended together with melted Swiss cheese, with a pinch of garlic and topped with oregano and basil leaves.

The Pesto Fondue was good,  coming with grilled chicken, sautéed mushrooms, bread sticks, and cheese sticks as its four sides.  It did not have a strong cheddar taste, nor was it very thick and cheesy. It went well on the cheese and bread sticks, but wasn’t over the top amazing.  

The Pizza & Dips Fondue, however, was another story.  Two of these bad boys came out, so we had everything from cheese and bread sticks to the mushrooms and chicken to eat with it.  Absolutely delicious!  I couldn’t stop eating the chicken in the sauce.  It was full of flavor, the zesty pizza sauce blending perfectly with the Swiss cheese and garlic.  I could easily see this being on an entire pizza or flatbread.  Excellent sauce, great original recipe.  The Fondues will run you $19.95

As the tasting was coming to its conclusion, we knew one thing:  we hadn’t left any room for dessert.  That did not discourage them in the least, and out came the Igloo Waffles.  Two scoops of vanilla and one scoop of chocolate ice cream on a sugar waffle, served with chocolate sauce and chocolate chips.


True to its name, Sablon Chocolate Lounge was going to end our visit with a chocolate delight, and they didn’t disappoint.  The few bites we were able to muster down had us regretting not leaving more room in our bellies.  The waffle was warm and crispy, loaded with chocolate syrup.  A great twist on a traditional breakfast food and turning it into an original, delectable dessert.

The entire experience was amazing.  I discovered a type of lounge that I didn’t know existed, met some amazing people, and had delicious, original food.  Couldn’t ask for much more.  On that note, here are a few things that people have left them on their customer feedback board.  Enjoy!


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