She Eats Knife (Late Night!)

What does Bravo’s “Top Chef” and Dallas, Texas have in common?  Chef John Tesar, a 20-year veteran of the restaurant industry, is a chef renowned for his culinary talent and original and exemplary ideas.  Knife Dallas, located at 5300 E Mockingbird Lane in Dallas, is the culmination of John’s experience: a contemporary steak house done right.

We were offered a chance to visit Knife Dallas and get a full dose of their late night menu, and the recently named “Best Steakhouse in Dallas” by D Magazine did not disappoint. As avid Bravo Top Chef watchers, we have seen and followed Chef John Tesar, who is returning for upcoming season 14 on December 1.  The full late night menu is available Monday through Thursday until 11 PM, and until midnight on the weekends.

Whether you’re looking for a Cohiba Toro Turbo, an Opus X, an Olivia Series O, or one of the other nine cigars that Knife Dallas offers from their humidor, you can enjoy these fine cigars out on their patio by the fireplace, with live music frequently playing for your enjoyment. We arrived to smooth jazz tunes by the fireplace prior to the event beginning with a glass of beer and red wine.


We began the evening sampling a number of the starters.

First, was the light and refreshing Bigeye Tuna Tartare, which had green onion, sriracha, cucumber, sea salt & wasabi tobiko. The cucumbers were a nice addition on top of the velvety smooth tuna.  It was very flavorful, exuding a mouthwatering mild and somewhat meaty flavor without any fishy aftertaste.


Next on the agenda was the bacon testing.  Five kinds of artisan bacons were brought out before us, each cooked, prepared, and/or smoked in a different way.  The result was delectable strips of bacon, fresh, rich in flavor, and as American as it gets.


After downing the bacon, we moved on to Lamb Meatballs “Parmesan Style” with Spicy Marinara.  Unlike their counterparts in Arab countries, which are shaped in the form of a flattened cigar, these meatballs retained the traditional shape of round, balls of savory deliciousness.  The meatballs were packed full of deep and luscious flavors from the intrusion of herbs.  The Marinara sauce was a welcomed splash of bright and acidic tomato flavor, with enough kick to let you know it was there without overwhelming the lamb.  A savory combo for a well thought-out plate.


The second course included two salads served on the daily Knife menu. The first was the Garden Salad. We both really enjoyed this salad. It was simple in nature, but flavorful. The boiled eggs added a nice touch.


The second, and our favorite salad, was the Teresa’s Watercress. This endive salad, includes walnuts and a healthy helping of goat cheese. It was creamy and delicious. We will be back for this salad.


Then it was time for a sampling of a variety of popular entrees.

First on the agenda, was the THE OZERSKY with American Cheese and red onion on a white bun. The OZERSKY was recently voted 4th best burger in TX and the only Dallas burger to make the list. While the ingredients may sound simple, this is no ordinary burger. The meat was extremely high in quality, and the taste reflected that in every bite. This is hands down one of the best burgers we have ever eaten.


The Flat Iron from the “New School” Steak Menu arrived next. It looked absolutely mouth watering, and it was exemplary. All of the steaks at Knife are cooked over Red Oak Wood Fire, and the flavors shine through. This was cooked perfectly medium rare, and was our favorite steak of the evening.


The next steak was the Dry Aged Bone-In Rib Eye from the Old School Menu. This steak was also impeccable, cooked perfectly, and exuded remarkable flavors. We even took a bite of the bone, and it was delicious! We prefer a leaner cut of meat, which is why we preferred the Flat Iron, but this steak was also fantastic.


The next entree item out was the Penne & Black Truffle Essence. This is a very decadent pasta with a strong black truffle flavor, and the cream also shines through.


I would be remiss to not include all of the incredible sides that were served over the course of our evening. We are raving fans of great side dishes, and each of these were great.

Pictured below are the Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower. These paired famously with both steaks.


The Creamed Spinach was arguable the best of the side dishes, although it was very difficult for us to choose just one. This dish was creamy, but not too heavy.


The Butternut Squash is definitely worth trying as well (not pictured).

Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete evening without the desserts. Both of the desserts we sampled were wonderful, and we struggled to select a favorite.

The first dessert out was the Smoked Apple Semifreddo. The Semifreddo was creamy and light, with a bacon drizzle (come on… bacon makes EVERYTHING better). There were pomegranate seeds and seeds on the side. The pomegranate seeds also added a nice layer of flavor. This dessert was to die for.


The final dessert out was the Pumpkin Cheesecake. We love Pumpkin everrrrything, and this is a new favorite on our list. This dessert was the perfect end to a wonderful evening. We strongly recommend both, because one dessert is never enough anyway.


We also had the privilege of sampling some of the wonderful new fall cocktails. All three were wonderful, with two pictured below.

The Curio (left) is made from a  Blackberry infused Copper and Kings Immature Brandy, lime, agave, and topped with a sparkling wine. This was our favorite, but all three were very tasty.

The Cosmorita (right) is made with  Citrus infused El Jimador, orange liqueor, lime juice, jalapeno, cranberry. This is a fun blend of between a Cosmopolitan and a Margarita. The result is a playful, fall cocktail.

The Highland (not pictured) is made with Four Roses Yellow Label, Cider, Lemon, Honey, Ginger Beer.

Be sure to grab a cocktail or two on your next visit.


The new Late Night Menu at Knife in The Highland is a treat for all foodies. Sometimes you just want a fabulous meal, regardless of the time. This is the premier place in Dallas for fine dining, even late night!



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