She Eats Shake Shack Plano

The new Shack Shack in Plano has finally opened, and we don’t know about you…. but we’re pretty excited to have a new location right by our house! Located in Legacy West at 7401 Windrose Ave. Plano, TX, Shake Shack offers a full foodie experience in all things burgers and shakes.

This place is hip and delicious. The food rocks, and they also donate 5% of sales to the Dallas Children’s Medical Center. Ok… we can feel good about eating!

Concretes are amazing, trust us. No, they are not just a blizzard, but rather frozen custard with some bomb mix-ins. And they partner with cool, local business favorites like Pecan Lodge, Emporium Pies & Sugar Ray’s Bakery.

This is the Top Swirl, the brain child of Shake Shack and Top Knot. It is made with chocolate custard, Top Knot banana chocolate cake and miso caramel. Stefanie couldn’t get enough of this, and it was her favorite by a long shot. I’m not a chocolate person. Don’t get angry, just look one photo down and you’ll see what gets me excited.

I can really get with the West Slide. This collaboration between Shake Shack and Sugar Rays Old Fashioned features Vanilla custard, strawberry cupcake and strawberry purée, and I was addicted. I’m already planning my next trip because I need more of this in my world.

And they have shakes too! We loved the peanut butter flavor. We also tried Mud Pie, a marshmallow frozen custard with fudge, coffee, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. The shakes are amazing is the bottom line. Try one on your next visit.

Burgers. Let’s talk burgers…. 

Shake Shack uses 100% all-natural beef, and they never use hormones or antibiotics. Their meat is always ground fresh, and they are served on non-GMO buns. So they care about the quality of food and environment but are still freaking delicious? Well take it!

We tried the SmokeShack first, and we’re pretty happy we did. This is a cheeseburger with smoked Niman Ranch bacon, chopped cherry peppers and Shacksauce. The bacon and peppers really bring out the flavors in the burgers. This is what I would order on my next visit because it was semi-simple and delicious.

The Link Burger, featuring griddled Pecan Lodge jalapeño cheese sausage links, felt both hearty and “manly”. We really enjoyed the smokey sausage flavor on this one.

We also tried and loved the Chick’n’Shack because sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for a burger. This was hearty, crispy, and we really loved the buttermilk herb Mayo and pickles!

Head to Legacy West and get your ShakeShack on!


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  1. What a great review, I can’t wait to try this place…


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