She Eats Si Tapas Happy Hour

Tapas,  or traditional Spanish small plates, served both hot and cold, are one of our all-time favorites. Patrons typically order many small plates to share, making a whole meal, family-style.

Si Tapas, located at 2207 Allen Street, Dallas, Texas 75204, is the cutest little Tapas Restaurant we have found in Dallas. We love that it’s set in an old house, with the most charming interior and patio out back.

We love even more that they have a KILLER happy hour, Monday-Thursday, from 4-7 PM. Their happy hour features great discounts on drinks. They have bottles of house vino for $12, pitchers of Sangria, Echegaray & Agua de Valencia for $12, and great prices on glasses of wine and beer. They also have a large assortment of Tapas available during happy hour for $3. Yes, THREE DOLLARS.

To do our due diligence for you, our beloved readers, we sampled several of the happy hour tapas. Each of the food items below can be found on the #happyhour menu.

We started with a bottle of Spanish Rioja ($12), and assorted olives. Bread is served complimentary with your meal.

The Tortilla Espanola, or Spanish Potato Omelet for my English speaking friends, was to die for. This was my favorite of all of the tapas. I love to order an omelet tapa at any Spanish restaurant, as it’s a pretty traditional dish. Each restaurant puts their own twist on this one, and we could have eaten ten of these. It’s more potato than egg, and the aioli on top is perfection. This is the stuff dreams are made of… but I digress.

Next up was the Tomate Al Ajillo, or Tomato Garlic Salad. This one is pretty simple, yet delicious and light. It’s tomato slices with olive oil, garlic and basil.

We got an order of the Gambas Al Ajillo, Shrimp in Garlic, next. We devoured these, and then soaked up the delicious garlic butter sauce with our complimentary bread. I’ve never seen shrimp in this city for $3. Get on this one fast!

We ended our happy hour experience with the Montaditos, or toasted bread with various toppings. You can select 3 out of the following 4 options:

  • Sobrasada – Mallorca style sausage
  • Crema de Cabrales – cream of cabrales cheese
  • Salmon Ahumado – smoked salmon
  • Mermelada de Tomate con Queso de Cabrales -tomato marmalade w/ goat cheese

You can select all one style, or try multiple. We ordered the Sobrasada (top), Crema de Cabrales (bottom right), and Mermelada de Tomate con Queso de Cabrales (that’s a mouthful, bottom left). They were all great, and paired perfectly with the wine, but the Sobrasada was hands-down our favorite. The flavors on this slice of sausage were strong with almost a pepperoni feel, a touch spicy, and just incredible. I’ll grab a few orders of these on my next visit.


This is just a small snipped of what you can order at Si Tapas.The regular menu is very robust in it’s offering, and the items are priced extremely well compared to the many tapas restaurants I’ve visited over the years. We chose to focus on happy hour this visit, because who doesn’t LOVE a great happy hour, but we will be back to try several of the regular menu items.

Give them a try, and let us know what you think! #TapasAreLife #TapasForever #TeAmoEspana


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  1. Another great review, I really enjoy reading these, keep them coming, 😄…

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    1. I have several more coming over the next few weeks… stay tuned!


  2. Another awesome review…

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  3. Heck yeah baeby-e keep them coming!

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