She Eats Tacolandia

We had the privilege of participating in the 2nd Annual Dallas Observer Tacolandia presented by Tobasco, and it was one for the books. Tacolandia is a fun, hip, outdoor event where tacos reign supreme. Guests can sample tacos from many local restaurants and food trucks while listening to music and grabbing beer and cocktails from the bar. This is one of the best food festivals in all of DFW, and this year did not disappoint.

We tried to sample as many tacos as humanly possible, making it through most of the booths (aside from the few that were tucked away in the VIP section).

Check out some photos from our adventure!

1. Taco Heads  – We both agreed that this was the best taco of the day. It was tough to choose, but Taco Heads did an amazing job. The meat is marinated in a Bloody Mary sauce, which is very different. The flavor was impeccable. We can’t wait to make the trip to Fort Worth to sample more of the menu.


2. Luck at Trinity Groves – These tacos were a close second behind Taco Heads. The flavors were incredible. The red onion and cilantro added a lot of flavor, the drizzle of sauce gave an extra punch.


3. Chiloso Mexican Bistro – We loved the corn and jalapeno ranch on this taco!


4. La Ventana – We love La Ventana and visit often. This was my first time trying their vegetarian taco. They were the only taco stand offering a veggie taco, so it made for a fun change of pace in the day.



5. Digg’s Tacos – The meat in this taco was great, and the slaw added some crunch.


6. T. Blanco’s – This was a fun taco. The meat was the smokiest of the tacos we sampled today. We also really liked the jicama slaw.


7. Gas Monkey – I was actually surprised by how great the Gas Monkey taco was. Gas Monkey isn’t a restaurant that comes to mind when I think tacos, but they were fantastic. The meat was very flavorful, and the onions and queso fresco topped it off perfectly.


8. R Taco – (Formerly Rusty Taco). We love R Taco in general. We visit often. They didn’t let us down today with this pork taco. Very simple, but very tasty.


9. Green Room – This taco was good, but not great. It could be that I had eaten half of ten different tacos by this point in the day. Don’t judge me too harshly. I’ll give them another try at their restaurant.


10. The Grove at Harwood – We’ve actually never been to The Grove yet, and we need to change that. We pass by often, and it looks like a fun, cute spot. Their taco was very tasty. It was a marinated chicken, and the sauce on top was delicious.


11. Go Loco – This meat in this taco, barbacoa, had good flavor, but it wasn’t one of our favorites of the day.


12. Fuzzy’s – You can never go wrong with Fuzzy’s. We love their tacos. The pulled pork was very savory. Their Butt Burnin’ sauce is on point. Yum!


13. La Nueva Puntada – The Chicharron taco was the only one that we tried today that we highly disliked. They had a pulled pork option that we didn’t try, and it may have been better. This taco tasted very fatty and gritty. We aren’t fans.


Tacolandia was a fantastic foodie feast, and we urge you to attend next year. If we die and are lucky enough to make it to heaven, we hope it’s just like Tacolandia ….. because really, does it get any better than all you can eat tacos?

Thanks Dallas Observer and Tobasco for a great day filled with great food!




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